Where is Budgee?

Budgee is a rural locality situated in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range about 30 minutes from Toowoomba in Queensland.

Where do you deliver to?

We are proud to partner with a delivery partner with an extensive delivery network throughout south east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Please see our delivery areas here. If your postcode is not listed and you place an order anyway it will most likely have to be refunded as we will not be able to fulfill the delivery.

What does delivery cost?

Deliveries are made by refrigerated courier. Delivery of a Taster Box and 10kg Sausage & Mince Box is $20. Delivery of 1/4 beast is $45, 1/2 beast is $75, whole beast is $125

Are all cattle raised on your property?

Yes, every animal has been raised on our farm, with most being born here from our Angus and Speckle Park breeders. Raising each animal from birth allows us to guarantee quality and ethical treatment of our cattle. For more info visit the ‘Our Animals’ section.

Are your cattle grass fed and finished?

Yes! They spend their entire lives eating our pastures, they are not fattened on grain like those in feedlots which provide the majority of beef available at supermarkets. They are 100% grass fed and grass finished on our farm.

Is grass fed better?

Opting for grass-fed beef offers advantages for both personal health and the environment. 

How do I order?

Order and pay through our website. Our animals are killed to order so after you order, you are allocated a beast for slaughter and butchering.

What is dressed weight?

Dressed weight or hanging weight, within the meat industry, refers to the weight of an animal post-slaughter, excluding its head, hooves, internal organs, and other non-edible components. Dressed weight includes all of the carcass's bones, meat, and fat. For example if you have purchased a ½ beast with dressed weight 100kg – the 100kg includes bones, meat and fat. You will not receive 100kg of meat cuts.

How do I pay?

Pay via our website when you check out using your credit card, PayPal, or AfterPay. For 1/4, 1/2 and whole beast orders you are only required to pay 20% of your order upon checkout.

Can I customise the cuts of meat in my order?

You can customise how you receive your cuts when you order a 1/4, 1/2 or whole beast.  You will be sent a Cut Sheet after you order which must be filled out via our easy online form.  This will be sent to our butcher.  You can customise things like the thickness of your steaks, how you'd like roasts prepared, proportion of minced products (sausages, mince and steakettes), if you'd like bones included etc.

Is your meat free of added hormones?

Yes. Growth hormones are never used in the raising of our cattle.

Are your cattle vaccinated with mRNA vaccines?

We prioritise the health of our cattle and we understand the concerns surrounding mRNA technology vaccines. We want to reassure our customers that our cattle have not been vaccinated with mRNA technology vaccines. These vaccines have not been approved for veterinary or livestock use in Australia and are not available. Our position is that if they were available we would not administer them to our cattle as we don't see a place for mRNA technology in livestock. Read the Australian Government statement on this here.


Is your meat gluten free?

Fresh beef is naturally gluten free. Our sausages and steakettes are gluten free. 

Are you sausages preservative free?

All our orders now come with the choice of standard sausages or pure beef 'paleo style' sausages. The pure beef sausages are made from our Budgee Valley grass fed beef, salt, pepper and garlic. They are filler, binder and preservative free. Let us know in the notes when you order if you'd like to make the switch to paleo style sausages. Our standard sausages are not preservative free. 

Where is the beef butchered?

Our beef is butchered in Pittsworth. Our butcher is very experienced and passionate about what he does and happy to help any way he can.

Is the meat frozen or fresh?

Our meat is delivered fresh. The meat is hung for 10 days to ensure tenderness, before being cryovaced into portion sized packaging.

How much storage space will I need?

You will likely need a chest freezer or separate freezer space to store large quantities of meat.

A whole beast (200kg) will need a large chest freezer larger than 350L. If you store a lot of other meat and food, you may need as big as a 500L.

A 1/2 beast (100kg) should fit in a 200L chest freezer - again go larger if you store a lot of other meat and food.

A 1/4 beast (50kg) should fit in a 145L chest freezer but unlikely to fit in the family fridge/freezer

Our Budgee Taster Box should fit in most side-by-side fridge/freezers.