Get to know your farmer and experience the Budgee Valley Beef difference—where the tradition of the family farm meets the modern plate.

We are a third generation farming family. Our home is Budgee in Queensland, just south of Toowoomba. Our 100% grass fed and finished beef is all grown on our 453 acre farm, grazing freely on our well maintained pastures. We breed our own stock comprising of Angus and Speckle Park.

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Why 100% grass fed and finished beef

Naturally, cattle are not supposed to be fed grain. They’re not grain-eaters by design, so when fed a grain diet it changes the fat composition of their meat, and science is starting to show that when consumed by humans it can promote illness and disease.

Budgee Valley Beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Our cattle are free to roam on naturally bio-diverse paddocks in fresh air and sunshine, making for happier, calmer animals and better tasting, healthier meat.

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