Our Animals

Our cattle are our pride and joy and we believe in letting them live their best lives, free to roam in our pastures. With Budgee Valley Beef, we can supply our beef directly, no middleman. This way, we can keep our cattle happy from farm to your door. Thanks for being part of the journey!

Our beef cattle herds are Black Angus and Speckle Park breeds - beautifully maturing and muscular animals.

They spend their days out in the paddocks and behave like cattle should: roaming about, eating, drinking, sleeping, chewing their cud and interacting with their mates.

We spoil our cattle with pasture, molasses and minerals to build optimum health in our herd. We run the cattle in multiple mobs rotating through the different paddocks according to feed availability and ground cover. They are grazed on pasture using strategic rotational grazing management to increase ground cover, water infiltration, soil health and biodiversity.

Then we process our cattle at an accredited, local processor. We never freeze our meat. Instead it is cryovaced fresh in meal-sized portions, ready to be stored in your fridge or freezer.

Black Angus

Black Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-muscular marbling (taste) fat during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness, texture, flavour, meat colour and fat colour. At Budgee Valley Beef we run around 75 Black Angus Breeders and a successful calving program.

Speckle Park

Speckle Park is one of the fastest growing beef cattle breeds in the world. Speckle Park cattle come in four distinct colour patterns: speckled, leopard, white with black points, and solid black. These animals aren't just attractive and have a beautiful temperament, they have a great meat eating quality. The meat is juicy, flavoursome and tender. We run around 50 Speckle Breeders and successful breeding program.