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Welcome to Budgee Valley Beef, operated by Matt McCarthy from the McCarthy family farm ‘Ascot Park’ in Budgee Queensland, just south of Toowoomba. We are a proud third generation family-owned and operated farm, rooted in the rich agricultural heritage of the family. In 2022, Matt took the reins from his father, Steve, carrying forward the legacy of Ascot Park with a passion for farming that has began in childhood and the introduction of our paddock-to-plate beef brand - Budgee Valley Beef.

Growing up amidst the idyllic landscapes of Ascot Park, Matt developed an early love for farm animals. Even in primary school, he was immersed in the world of agriculture, convincing his dad to allow him to breed his own pigs and cattle. Prior to Matt's ownership, Ascot Park thrived as a successful dairy farm and jersey stud, managed with dedication by his parents, Steve and Jenny.

Under Matt's guidance and with the support of his partner Karla and baby daughter Eleanor, the farm has undergone a transformation, focusing on the breeding of high-quality beef cattle, including Angus and the distinctive Speckle Park breed. We are on a continual journey to master best-practice cattle raising, nutrition, and sustainable farming practices. The belief that we can produce some of the finest beef in the world right here in Budgee propels our commitment to excellence.

Beyond farming, Matt is a licensed builder and operates a commercial building company. Despite the demands of running a successful business for 15 years, Matt remains hands-on in the day-to-day operations of the farm, ensuring the highest standards in every aspect of our beef production.

Family is at the heart of Budgee Valley Beef, and this infuses our business with a deep sense of responsibility, ensuring that each cut of beef we deliver to your family is not just a meal but a connection to generations of farming expertise and a commitment to sustainable, top-quality meat. Experience the Budgee Valley Beef difference—where the tradition of the family farm meets the modern plate.


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Budgee Valley Beef

Budgee Valley Beef