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Budgee Valley Beef

Grass Fed Beef Tallow (480g tub)

Grass Fed Beef Tallow (480g tub)

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Beef tallow is pure beef fat, mostly sourced from the suet, around the kidney, along with fat from other parts of the cow.

Tallow has a high smoke point so it's perfect for cooking steak, deep frying or any type of cooking that requires high heat. 

It has a rich flavour similar to lard and is loaded with vitamin E. Tallow can be used to treat a leaky gut and relieve joint pain.

Our 100% Grass-fed Budgee Valley Beef Tallow is high quality. This product is delivered refrigerated and must be used within 12 months of opening.

Available only as an addition to beef orders. Cannot be purchased alone as we may be unable to fulfil and your purchase may be cancelled or refunded.

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