Buy Half a Cow of Grass Fed Beef Brisbane

Welcome to Budgee Valley Beef, operated by Matt McCarthy from the McCarthy family farm ‘Ascot Park’ in Budgee Queensland, just south of Toowoomba 1.5 hours from Brisbane. We are a proud third generation family-owned and operated farm, rooted in the rich agricultural heritage of the family. In 2022, Matt took the reins from his father, Steve, carrying forward the legacy of Ascot Park with a passion for farming that has began in childhood and the introduction of our paddock-to-plate beef brand - Budgee Valley Beef.

Every animal has been raised on our farm near Toowoomba in Queensland, just 1.5 hours from Brisbane, with most being born here from our Angus and Speckle Park breeders. Raising each animal from birth allows us to guarantee quality and ethical treatment of our cattle. 

All our cattle are grass fed and finished. They spend their entire lives eating our pastures, they are not fattened on grain like those in feedlots which provide the majority of beef available at supermarkets. Opting for grass-fed beef offers advantages for both personal health and the environment. 

You can order a quarter cow, half cow or whole cow and pay through our website. Our animals are killed to order so after you order, you are allocated a beast for slaughter and butchering.

You will be sent a Cut Sheet after you order your quarter cow, half cow or whole cow which must be filled out via our easy online form.  This will be sent to our butcher.  You can customise cuts like the thickness of your steaks, how you'd like roasts prepared, proportion of minced products (sausages, mince and steakettes), if you'd like bones included etc.

You will receive a 1/2 grass-fed, grass-finished beast, expertly butchered, meticulously packed, and conveniently delivered right to your doorstep in Brisbane. Priced at $15.20 per kg dressed weight, this is a really economical way to buy premium grass-fed, hormone free beef in bulk. This is an ideal order for larger families who have room in the freezer to store more meat. Our meat comes from cattle from our family farm, mostly Black Angus and Speckle Park breeds.

Tailor your order by selecting preferred cuts, steak thickness, and quantities of minced products.

Ensure your freezer is big enough!  This is a big order, providing you with a ongoing source of healthy grass-fed beef for family meals. Keep for yourself or split with family and friends - purchasing a whole, butchered beast offers economic savings, saves time, and provides peace of mind that you'll always have meat on hand for dinner.  It also allows you to enjoy all cuts of meat including those you might not ordinarily buy on their own. 

You will receive one side of beef including:

Brisket, Roasts, Eye fillet, Rib fillet, T Bone, Rump, Osso Bucco, Mince, Sausages, Steakettes, Diced beef, Ribs. 

Our meat is delivered fresh to you in Brisbane. The meat is hung for 10 days to ensure tenderness, before being cryovaced into portion sized packaging.

You will likely need a chest freezer or separate freezer space to store large quantities of meat.

A whole beast (200kg) will need a large chest freezer larger than 350L. If you store a lot of other meat and food, you may need as big as a 500L.

A 1/2 beast (100kg) should fit in a 200L chest freezer - again go larger if you store a lot of other meat and food.

A 1/4 beast (50kg) should fit in a 145L chest freezer but unlikely to fit in the family fridge/freezer

Our Budgee Taster Box should fit in most side-by-side fridge/freezers.