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Budgee Valley Beef

15kg Family Favourites Box - Grass Fed Beef

15kg Family Favourites Box - Grass Fed Beef

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Our Family Favourites Box delivers enough beef for 20-30 meals - depending on the size of your family! You will receive 15kg of grass-fed, grass-finished beef from our family farm, cryovac packed in meal sized portions, conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. The Family Favourites Box is a a great way to stock the freezer with essentials for all your favourite beef recipes.  The Family Favourites Box will provide you with the below beef:

  • 4kg of sausages (choose standard or paleo) in 1kg packs
  • 4kg of mince in 1kg packs
  • 1.5kg corned silverside
  • 1.5kg beef roast. Will be either rolled rib roast, blade, topside
  • 1kg diced beef
  • 1kg stir fry strips
  • 1kg Budgee Valley Beef Burgers (8 x 125g patties)
  • 1kg steak. Will be either rump, round, t-bone or BBQ steak

The roast and steak cuts will vary depending upon availability.  Budgee Valley Beef is a farm upholding nose-to-tail eating with nothing going to waste, We are not a butchery and cuts available depend on what we have when your order is being cut and packed.  If you have a specific request please put it in the notes and we'll try our best.

The Family Favourites Box is a great way to ensure you always have something on hand for dinner.  Options are endless to fill your family's dinner plate... The above beef could be used to make for example:

  1. Curried sausages - 500g sausages
  2. Gourmet hot dogs - 500g sausages
  3. Sausage tray bake - 500g sausages
  4. Sunday big breakfast - 500g sausages
  5. Classic sausages with mash and gravy - 500g sausages
  6. Sausage meatballs with risoni - 500g sausages
  7. Slow cooker sausage casserole - 500g sausages
  8. Sausage & slaw wraps - 500g sausages
  9. Lasagne - 1kg mince.  Plus leftovers for lunch!
  10. Taco night - 500g mince
  11. Spaghetti meatballs - 500g mince
  12. Pasta Bolognaise - 500g mince
  13. Chili con carne - 500g mince
  14. Mongolian-style beef mince with rice - 500g mince
  15. Minced beef fried rice - 500g mince
  16. Steak night - 1kg steak
  17. Sunday beef roast dinner - 1.5kg roast.  Use leftovers for sandwiches.
  18. Classic silverside with white sauce - 1.5kg silverside. Use leftovers for sandwiches.
  19. Beef Burger night - 500g burgers (4 patties)
  20. American Hamburgers - 500g burgers (4 patties)
  21. Massaman beef curry - 500g diced beef
  22. Red wine slow cooker casserole - 500g diced beef
  23. Teriyaki beef stir fry - 500g stir fry strips
  24. Beef stroganoff - 500g stir fry strips

Our meat comes from cattle from our family farm, Black Angus and Speckle Park breeds.

All our orders now come with the choice of standard sausages or pure beef 'paleo style' sausages. The pure beef sausages are made from our Budgee Valley grass fed beef, salt, pepper and garlic. They are filler, binder and preservative free. Let us know in the notes when you order if you'd like to make the switch to paleo style sausages.

For deliveries, please check our Delivery Areas page here to ensure delivery to your area.  If you place an order and it is outside our Delivery Areas, we may need to refund your order. Flat rate delivery fee for Family Favourites Box is $20.

After you place an order you will be advised of delivery days and times. 

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